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Case report: Disseminated Discospondylitis in a two-year-old Crossbred Dog

History A two-year-old, female, neutered crossbred (body weight 14kg) was referred for assessment of diffuse spinal pain. The patient had been rescued six weeks previously from Romania. On arrival into the U.K., she was presented to the referring veterinarian with neck pain. There had been an initial response to NSAIDs and diazepam, but four days […]

Case report: Fungal Encephalitis in a Domestic Shorthair Cat

History A 10-year-old male, neutered, domestic short-haired cat had undergone investigations for a six month history of progressive weight loss and lethargy. The referring veterinarian’s blood tests had revealed basophilia; 0.45 (0.01-0.26) x109/L initially, which on repeat testing two weeks later, had resolved. However, at that time neutrophilia; 21.55 (1.48-10.29)x109/L and monocytosis; 0.85 (0.05-0.67)x109/L was […]

Review Article: Immune Mediated Polyarthritis

Pathophysiology and presentation Immune mediated polyarthritis may be more common than recognised, as clinical signs can sometimes be subtle. Generally, it is defined as neutrophilic inflammation affecting two or more joints and is an example of a type-III hypersensitivity reaction. Immune system stimulation leads to formation of immune complexes, which circulate and deposit in the […]