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Product Update: New form of Tissue Adhesive for Wound Closure in use at Downs Veterinary Referrals.

After extensive trials in both the human and veterinary referral fields a new method of wound closure is now available and in use here at Downs Veterinary Referrals.  

fig. 1 - Dermabond AdvancedTM pen in use to seal an elective, surgical wound after the skin edges have been loosely approximated with a continuous intradermal layer of absorbable suture.

Dermabond AdvancedTM (Ethicon) has recently been launched for closure of clean surgical wounds.  The product is supplied in single-use applicators (see fig 1), which contain a base adhesive, 2-octyl cyanoacrylate, formulated together with plasticisers and an initiator to provide unique properties, advantageous to the patient.

The initiator provides a consistent setting time in differing conditions (approximately three minutes). The plasticisers increase flexibility to avoid cracking as the adhesive cures.  This effectively waterproofs and seals the wound instantly against microbial contamination, negating the need, in most cases, for postoperative dressings.  A purple dye has also been added to aid visualisation during application. 

As with other tissue adhesives, Dermabond is spontaneously shed from the wound as healing progresses.  The barrier it provides also induces a moist wound environment to aid rapid re-epithelialisation.   In addition, it has been shown to provide 75% more strength than sutures alone for the first seven days.

 The adhesive is enclosed within a glass vial, incorporated within a pen-type applicator and is very easy to use.  However its cost and single-use nature limits its use in the main, to major procedures.

 Our experience of Dermabond at Downs over the last few months has been very positive with minimal patient interference, excellent healing and no digging around for hidden skin staples or buried suture knots!


fig. 2 - appearance of wound after application and curing of Dermabond . No additional wound dressings are used.

If you have any feedback regarding the use of this product, or indeed on any other topic, please let us know.  We always value your feedback.