Referral services for vets

Referral Services

We are a friendly, close-knit team providing comprehensive referral services in advanced diagnostics, orthopaedics, soft tissue surgery, neurosurgery and internal medicine. Our integrated, multidisciplinary approach facilitates the provision of first class veterinary care, specifically tailored for each individual patient.

We are available for referral consultations 24 hours a day and provide round the clock intensive care staffed by experienced veterinary nurses. We are happy to discuss cases by phone on a ‘no obligation’ basis, enabling you to plan the best course of action for your client’s pets. Case histories, laboratory results and radiographs can also be submitted for review on an informal basis.

Referral services:

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We offer a wide range of services within each discipline (see links to expanded lists), but please contact us for advice if you are unsure about a specific case.