FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions for Referring Vets

Can I discuss a case prior to referral?

Yes – if you are the referring veterinarian, we are very happy to advise on how to manage a particular case without obligation – just ring us to speak directly to one of our clinicians, or alternatively email the relevant details. Similarly, we are happy to give a verbal opinion on radiographs (either by post or email) or data such as MR-scans/ other test results at no cost. For reasons of professional liability, we are unfortunately not able to offer advice directly to pet-owners, unless we have already assessed their animal by way of a consultation.

How soon can you see a case?

We endeavour to see all urgent cases without delay, but will strive to find an appointment that is both convenient to your client, and in the best interests of the patient.

Do you do direct insurance claims?

With the exception of certain insurers, we are happy to claim fees directly from your client’s insurance company. In order to do this, we will require the client to provide their insurance details at the time of the initial consultation. Also, we are happy to complete the necessary pre-authorisation paperwork prior to an appointment. Please ring us regarding any aspect of finance you may wish to discuss.

Can you give an estimate of costs?

We are happy to give a broad estimate of likely costs, but this will obviously vary according to our findings at the initial consultation and during subsequent investigations. However, we endeavour at all times to keep your client fully appraised of costs by making every effort to talk through different investigative/ treatment options regarding on-going care of the patient. For this reason, it is very helpful for us to be able to contact the owner easily whilst their animal remains in our care.

What instructions/ information do I need to give my client?

We will give full instructions to your client on feeding/ medications and exercise at the time they book their consultation. However, to avoid unnecessary duplication of tests, it is helpful for them to collect any radiographs/ other test results you have already performed and bring them to the consultation where possible (if these have not been sent previously).

More questions? Please contact us by email or call 0117 962 2828