How to arrange a referral

How to arrange a referral

Please note: This information is for vets. If you are a pet owner, seeking to have your pet referred to us, you must discuss this with your own vet, who will contact us on your behalf in the first instance.

The quickest way to arrange a referral is to ring us with a brief outline of the case. Urgent referrals are usually seen the same day, but we can advise accordingly. If you wish to arrange an elective appointment, we will ask you to contact your client so that they book an appointment with us directly, on a day that suits them.

Alternately, you can post radiographs or email the relevant details of the case and one our clinicians will ring you back to discuss a plan/ estimate of costs, etc.

To avoid unnecessary duplication of tests, it is very helpful for us to receive copies of all relevant test results, including radiographs, etc. Similarly, it saves us a lot of time if, along with the clinical history, you can submit a short letter – hand-written is fine if time is short – stating the patient’s problem, your clinical findings and the result of any discussions you may have had with the owner regarding a provisional plan and prognosis.

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