Clinical News

This is a selection of the latest articles and case reports that have been written by our staff and in some cases published in notable journals.

Case Report: Nasal Foreign Body in a Domestic Shorthaired Cat



fig.2 - lateral skull radiograph. There is a metallic-density foreign body located within the ethmoturbinates.

fig. 1 - preoperative photo showing discrete soft-tissue-swelling over the nasal planum

A 15-year-old male, neutered DSH cat presented with a two-week history of right, unilateral epistaxis with concurrent swelling of the nasal planum (see fig. 1). Read More »

Case Report: Surgical Management of Sub-Arachnoid Cyst in a Yorkshire Terrier

A 2.2kg, twelve-month-old, male, entire Yorkshire Terrier was presented for assessment of generalised ataxia. Read More »

Case Report: Un-united Caudal Glenoid in a Labrador Retriever

A four-year-old female, neutered Labrador Retriever was presented with left thoracic limb lameness of several months duration. Read More »

Case Report: Infiltrative Lipoma in a Crossbred Dog

A two-year-old male, neutered crossbred (Labrador/ Greyhound) presented for assessment of a large mass situated over the right hemi pelvis. Read More »

Case Report: Digital Cutaneous Viral Papilloma in a Scottish Terrier

A six-year-old, male, neutered Scottish terrier  presented with a two week history of acute onset, progressive, left thoracic limb lameness.  Read More »

Review Article: Lumbosacral Disease – Diagnosis and Treatment

Lumbosacral disease (a.k.a. lumbosacral syndrome; degenerative lumbosacral stenosis) is a relatively common condition, usually seen in active medium to large breed dogs Read More »

Case Report: Septic Spondylitis in a Bassett Hound


fig. 1 - lateral radiograph of lumbar spine. There is extensive, bridging spondylosis of ventral spine with evidence of loss of mineralisation within the L7-S1 bridging bone ventrally, but the corresponding vertebral body end-plates appear intact.

fig. 2 - ventrodorsal radiograph showing moderate degenerative changes to the hips

A three-year-old male, neutered, Basset Hound presented to the referring veterinary surgeon with a history of spinal pain and pelvic limb weakness.  Read More »

Case Report:Erythroblastic Leukaemia in a Domestic Longhair Cat

A three year old, female neutered, domestic longhair cat was presented with acute onset collapse and pallor. Read More »

Review Article: TightRope® Technique for Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair

Cranial Cruciate ligament (CCL) disease is one of the most common orthopaedic conditions encountered in dogs, with certain breeds (retrievers, rottweilers, mastiffs & terriers etc.) being over represented. While numerous techniques have been tried over the years, none has proved optimal in terms of limiting the progression of degenerative changes to the stifle joint or avoiding potential complications which may require further surgical intervention; published rates are quoted as high as 10-15% in some review papers.  A relatively new technique in use at the Downs, shows early promise in addressing these concerns. Read More »

Case Report:Central Nervous System Lymphoma in a Springer Spaniel

A four year old, female, entire Springer Spaniel was presented with a history of progressive neurological signs. Read More »

Case Report: Thyroid Cystadenoma in a Cat

A 13 year old male, neutered DLH cat was referred for assessment of a ventral cervical swelling.  Read More »

Review Article: Principles of Fracture Management in the Immature Patient.


There are several unique characteristics of young bone which should be considered when assessing fractures in patients less than 12 months of age:- Read More »

Case Report: Ossifying Fibroma of the Zygomatic Arch in a Corgi

A 20-month-old, male, neutered Corgi was referred for assessment of left facial swelling over the region of the zygomatic arch.  Read More »

Case Report: Traumatic Fracture of the Axis with concurrent Atlantoaxial Subluxation in a Labrador Retriever

fig. 1— lateral radiograph of cranial cervical spine. There is stepping of the neural canal with dorsal displacement of the main portion of Ce2.

A six-month-old, male, entire, Labrador Retriever presented with peracute onset tetraplegia following a collision with another dog five hours previously.  Read More »

Review Article: Atypical Arthritis

Arthritis is a very broad term referring to any condition resulting in inflammation of the joints. It is generally subdivided into three major categories; osteoarthritis, immune-mediated arthritis and infectious arthritis. Read More »