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Update on Small Breed Cranial Cruciate Surgery

Small Breed Modified Maquet Procedure now available at Downs Veterinary Referrals

lateral postoperative radiograph of the Small Breed MMP implants

Given the success of the Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP – tibial tuberosity advancement) in larger breeds (see Review Article: The Modified Maquet Procedure ), we have recently invested in the necessary instrumentation and range of implants specifically designed for smaller patients (<12kg).

This investment enables us to offer MMP for any size of dog (or cat).  However, it is particularly suited to lively patients where premature rupture of lateral retinacular sutures is of concern.

The most significant advantage of TTAs over TPLOs  is a reduced risk of major complications, given the weight-bearing axis of the limb is left intact.  Some studies also point to lower rates of late-meniscal injury.  Also, the Orthofoam wedge implant – unique to the MMP – has a high coefficient of friction which, together with early bone in-growth, results in a robust construct.  This allows for a much earlier return to full activity as compared to traditional TTA and TPLO methods.

craniocaudal view of MMP implants



The reduced surgical time and cost of implants as compared to TPLO’s and traditional TTA’s also keeps cost down; prices start at £1 500incl.VAT for assessment, surgery and follow-up.